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So Christmas has come and gone, I'm back home for the holidays. Which, of course, means the standard gift exchange with my family.

I got my dad an iPod car charger, my mom a gift certificate to Belk's, and my sister's family a gift certificate to the bowling alley. My dad and I also teamed up to get Mom a Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit board of her own-- yes, of course I have one, but I keep it on campus most of the year. I also got my girlfriend some things that she hasn't gotten yet because she hasn't gotten back from visiting her extended family yet, so I won't mention them. :)

And in exchange, I got...

  • From my parents:
    • An iPhone 3GS with a rubberized carrying case. This was the big present, but alas, it wasn't entirely a surprise-- the number had to be ported to AT&T from T-Mobile a couple days before the big day. Dad and I worked the monthly plan out; it's on a shared plan, he'll pay for voice, and I'll pay for data. Even though I got it early, though, I've been thoroughly enjoying it even today. (Also? Rolando is incredibly addictive.)
    • A Blu-Ray player. Not BD-Live capable, but supports all the non-networked stuff. Now I need to get some movies for it. :)
    • A subwoofer surround-sound rocking chair. As an Aspie, I like to sit and rock, and I often like to do so to music with heavy bass. Heh. So that works out. :-p And of course, I could plug it up to the iPhone or Blu-Ray...
    • Zelda: Spirit Tracks for DS. Which I still haven't opened, because I've been so busy with everything else.
    • A bathrobe made of soft, comfy fabric. Hey, it can get cold during the winter.
    • A couple UGA T-shirts, to replace the ones that have been ruined by bleach in the communal laundry room in my apartment. (Gotta love those communal laundry rooms.)
    • A new pair of Nike running shoes. The old ones were getting... rather worn out.
    • A wind suit (jacket and pants) for going out in the cold.
  • From my sister:
    • An iTunes gift card. Which went quite well with the big present, given that There's An App For That...
    • Klonoa for Wii.

Hardly equivalent exchange (yes, you can tell I'm a Fullmetal Alchemist fan, can't you?). But then again, I'm a graduate student, with a graduate student's budget, so I suppose it's equivalent in a way...

Oh, yeah, and for my birthday (which was a couple weeks ago), I got New Super Mario Bros. for Wii. Better work on my time management for my dissertation, between all these video games!

But of course, tomorrow (well, technically, today, since it's past midnight) come the gift returns. The charger I bought for dad wasn't fully compatible with his iPhone; neither my nor dad's T-shirts were big enough; and I need to get an HDMI cable so I can actually play Blu-Ray movies in HD.


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