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Yeah, I know, y'all are wondering what I got and gave for Christmas this year...

My big present wasn't actually delivered at Christmas-- in fact, it wasn't even a physical possession. Neither me nor my girlfriend can drive, and we're no longer even living in the same state (though at least we're in neighboring states, so it could be much worse). So my big present, three weeks ago, was for my dad to drive me up to visit my girlfriend and her family. It was enjoyable, and very much overdue; I hadn't seen her for fifteen months! And we did some gift exchanging there; I gave her several DVDs and a Bluetooth adapter to sync her phone and her computer, and in return, she gave me a huge pile of DVDs, CDs and books. And, of course, there was much cuddling, too. :) Plus, I got to meet her grandma, whom I'd never met before. So yeah, overall, it was a fun trip; I just wish it had lasted more than just a weekend!

The rest of the gifts came, in the usual fashion, on Christmas itself. From my sister, I got iTunes and GameStop gift cards; from my grandmother-in-law, a pair of University of Georgia sandals. My parents got me a new battery for my two-and-a-half-year-old MacBook (also much overdue, as it wasn't even holding two hours' worth of charge), Sonic Colors for Wii, the latest Professor Layton game for DS, and various clothes. (I'd probably have also gotten Donkey Kong Country Returns, but I'd already gotten that on my birthday several weeks ago.)

On the other end of the equation, I got my mom a 500 GB portable hard drive with automatic backup software, my dad a USB turntable to convert all of his old LPs that are sitting in the closet, and my sister and her family a gift certificate to the bowling alley.

My family also got my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew a Kinect for their Xbox 360. Having played it over at their house, I now wish I had an Xbox 360. I think that could help impressively with my poor coordination. (Hand-eye coordination? Great, from years of video games with handheld controllers. Rest of the body? Not so much...)
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